High Low Love

If ya don’t know already, I loooveeee a high low hem! It just makes me feel so extra fancy. Plus I feel like it gives a gorgeous movement when added to a dress. Also, it gives you a chance to show off your cute shoes that you’re wearing

Must Have Print

Gingham isn’t just for your grandma’s table cloth anymore. It is officially the print of summer, and I don’t see it going anywhere any time soon.
It is easily becoming everyone’s favorite print, and can be found on any type of item!

Swimsuit Swooning

To celebrate this fun in the sun filled time of the year, I have rounded up the best suits for ya! For reals, I am personally having a low grade panic attack trying to narrow it down even more as to what few I will order for myself

Show Me Your Mumu

Love me some MU! I swear Show Me Your Mumu has the cutest prints ever. I love how fun each piece is, and how you can mix and match basically any top with any bottom, and each time it looks good! It is so cool to me that they are…

Wrapped up in Wrap Dresses

This week has been a blur. Between jumping around on campaign work, to a bestie day in LA (more on that later), to randomly getting sick-I am so ready for a fresh new week! Want to know something crazy?! This week is the last week is the last week of…

7 Reasons you need this Jumpsuit

If you feel like each and every time you come to read a post I tell you about something else you need…you’re right. But like what kind of friend would I be if I kept this super important info to myself? Probably a pretty crappy one. So let’s get to…

Brickyard Buffalo Guest Editor

The day is finally here! I have been working with Brickyard Buffalo for the past couple of months to bring you all the best week ever as their Guest Editor! I know a lot of  you already know what Brickyard Buffalo is. For those who don’t, it is an online pop-up market…