Textured Flare Skirt + Fringe Shirt

Happy Thursday! We’ve been on a mini vacation in Palm Springs the past few days. It was so nice! We’ve never taken our boys to stay in a hotel before so we were basically in panic mode on how they would do. If they don’t sleep no one sleeps. We made sure to do lots of play and swimming during the day, so come bedtime they were tired! After the first night we were ready to pack up and go home. I think we all got like a total of 45 minutes of sleep. But, we decided to stick it out and the rest of the nights went WAY better. Phew. Even though we had a kitchen in our place we decided to go out for dinners.  Because what’s a vacation without stuffing yourself with good food?!

 Here’s one of my looks from a dinner.

  This Fringe Tee has all the comfort of a soft t-shirt while being dressed up at the same time! I love fringe and I love how it’s popping up everywhere and on everything!
 I originally saw This Textured Flared Skirt in emerald green. I didn’t buy it and had regret for about 2 weeks until I made it back to the store. The green was gone, but they did have this rust color. So far I’m loving it. I feel like it’s a great summer piece that can transition into fall perfectly. I love the fit of this pleated skirt, and how it’s a little weighted so it stays down! P.S. This skirt comes in lots of different colors!
 My favorite part of any outfit. Shoes. Ive posted about These Dolce Vita Cut-Out Sandals before, and I don’t think I’m about to stop any time soon. They’ve become my go to shoe for any and every outfit! I think I might need them in solid Black and Tan now too! Plus the are on sale!

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