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It happen. I turned 29. The HORROR. The night before my birthday I didn’t get that much sleep at all. I kept tossing and turning, and nightmaring about old age-ness. My frenemy Mr. Anxiety (of course it’s a man) kept crawling into my mind making me fret about neck creams, wrinkles, soon to be grey hairs, and even spider leg veins. Go ahead and feel free make fun of me. I am ridiculous!! But, everything seems so much more dramatic in the middle of the night when you are half asleep.

When I woke, to my shock and surprise I looked in the mirror and-I didn’t age 40 years over night! PHEW.

I swear I was just a super young mom with little babies like two seconds ago. Now I am in my late twenties (that sounds better than 29, right?), and my oldest is 7. I guess this means I finally should begin doing adult stuff, like finally memorize my password to my bank account. Or, first actually check my bank account?

Here is a list of adult stuff I have never done and probably should do, but will never do:

-Paraelle Park

-Balance a Check Book

-Go Inside a Bank

-Do a complete load of laundry

-Learn that Diet Coke is not food/meal

-Pump Gas without asking either a worker or another customer for help/assistance/cry

-Reply to school PTA emails instead of just replying “unsubscribe” or “sorry, Netflixing”

-Use all of the laser cat calendars I buy as they are attended to be used.

-Listen to my voicemails (more realistically, delete them all so more people can leave them for me to never listen to)

Iron clothes. Buy Iron. Dry Clean clothes

-Don’t pick my zits


-Click ‘update now’ instead of ‘remind me tomorrow’ when my computer has a new update

-try leaving the store with only one tub of ice cream and an unopened box of donuts.

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Photography by: Kendall Halliburton

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