A peak towards summer

It has been raining NON stop the past few weeks. Which is so not like Orange County. A typical “bad” rain storm usually means: a teeny tiny drizzle accompanied by slight clouds and people canceling plans because no one can/will drive in that crazy storm and/or doesn’t own an all wheel drive car. After a couple of hours the sun always comes out, and the rain isn’t seen until the next winter.

This year is a whole different story. We were in a severe drought, and told by counties to only water our lawns every other week. It has been that way as long as I can remember. Now, we have gotten so much real rain that CA is no longer in a drought! Wahoo! I can’t wait to water my lawn every single day (just kidding, water is gold).

Anyways, since this is the closest our little family has ever gotten to being cooped up due to weather, we are itching for some sunshine and long days at the beach! Bring on the sandy hair and salty air please!

We get to get a sneak peak at spring and summer this weekend when we stay at the Blue Sea Beach Hotel in San Diego. It has me all sorts of excited! Shopping level excited even! (The highest level)

I just combed through all my favorite places for swimwear, and I have SO many amazing suits! I am sure a lot of them will sell out before the season even begins, so get your shopping on so you’re ready for sun 🙂

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