Our Alice in Wonderland Family Halloween Costume

Alice in Wonderland Family Halloween Costume featured by top US life and style blog, Dress Me Blonde


Presenting this year’s festive matching family Halloween costume: Alice in Wonderland!

Would I even be a mother if I didn’t make my kids/family dress up in a matching family Halloween costume every year?! This is actually our first year formally documenting our matching family Halloween costumes. In past years we’ll done: classic characters like Mickey + Minnie, Frozen, Peter Pan, etc.

If you are sensing a theme…you’re on to me. It is Disney. Each year we attend Mickey’s Halloween Party (this year it is call the Oogie Boogie Bash) and our family will be wearing our matching Alice in Wonderland family Halloween costume there! We are heading to the Oogie Boogie bash next week, so be sure to follow along on stories, it is one of our very favorite family traditions of the whole year!

For this year’s Alice in Wonderland family Halloween costume I literally spent hours searching high and low for items to piece together our looks. I always feel like it is such a fine line with costumes (especially family costumes), of amazing and tacky.

For our Alice in Wonderland Family Halloween Costume break down, let us start with the cutest member- Alice. AKA Nina. She is the drooliest version of Alice in Wonderland I ever did see, but also my very favorite version. After clicking through about a billion baby girl Alice in Wonderland costumes I landed on this Etsy Shop. (Disclosure: in zero way do they even know I am linking to this, or that I was going to post it) I am BLOWN away by the incredible quality of her work! This Alice dress is impeccably made by hand and the detail, fabric, fit, weight, everything-I would buy it 50 more times. In fact I ordered a couple more things from that same shop for Nina. This Esty Shop says it is currently on vacation to catch up with orders, so if I were you I would check back daily to see when it is made active again, and also message the shop as well. Nina’s white tights are just a pair I grabbed off of Amazon Prime. Her black Mary Jane shoes are actually a random Target find for $17. Her bow is one from her stash of BabyBling, I know Alice has a plain black bow, but I really liked the teeny white dots for contrast. Lastly, the little white rabbit plush is one she was gifted as a newborn, but this one is super similar.


Let’s chat about Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I’m going to be honest with you-if Brix and Finn really knew who Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were, there would be a chance of zero of getting them to wear those costumes! Luckily, they don’t have the best memory and forgot how silly those two are! This costume was hard. A lot online is cheap looking…or either a sluty option! I found this Etsy shop and ordered from it. They look ok, I feel like I could have totally made these costumes myself just by going to the craft store and hot gluing stuff on some shirts. The shorts did not fit other of the boys, I had to pin Finn’s a lot smaller, and cut the waistband on Brix’s to get it to fit him. We also did not use the hats that came with the costumes, but instead ordered these ones on Amazon Prime which worked out great! I think if I were to redo their costumes, I would go in thinking I would only be using the shirts from that Etsy Shop, find my own red shorts, and then order those same hats from Amazon. For their shoes, I just had them wear their regular Nike’s since they were on color theme anyways!


My Queen of Hearts Dress…OMG. This is the real MVP of quality hand made with love! I poured over thousands of Queen of Hearts costumes, and then landed on this Etsy Shop based in the UK. She custom hand makes all of her items, meaning you take your measurements and your dress/costume is made to fit you exactly as it should. The kicker is that what I paid of this amazing dress is basically the same price that costume castle was selling cheap poorly made costumes! You have the option to choose your collar style or no collar, I chose the standing collar. She makes a huge selection of costumes, and I am so so so happy with mine that I’m probably going to be using her for years to come! For my Queen of Hearts Crown, I just found one on Amazon Prime that worked like a charm. I wore my pair of Black Suede Sam Edelman Pumps that I have worn a million times before. Threw on a pair of gold dangly earrings and a red lip!


Lastly, the Mad Hatter! Beau’s costume we had the most struggle with actually. I actually ordered him a custom made one-but it was HORRIBLE. It looked more like a bobo the clown costume and we had a good laugh when he tried it on. Luckily Amazon saved the day and I was able to find a costume set that wasn’t from the Johnny Depp version (way too many of those freaky ones!), and one that wasn’t super shiny and neon. This set comes with everything but the white undershirt and shoes. So, I just had him throw on his favorite short sleeve white button up shirt, and a pair of grayish blue Derby shoes he already had.


What do you guys think of our Alice in Wonderland Family Halloween costume?! Did we pick a good theme this year?! Let me know if your family dresses up together in a matching family halloween costume