The Best Designer Bag DUPES

The Best Designer Bag DUPES featured by Orange County fashion blogger, Dress Me BlondeThe Best Designer Bag DUPES featured by Orange County fashion blogger, Dress Me Blonde

Guys….ever since I posted this blog post featuring this knock off Gucci T-shirt, you all have been nuts over it! I have gotten so many requests for more designer bag dupes! Problem was, that I really didn’t know of any dupes. Until NOW. The past few weeks I have been doing research upon research upon research for ya. I have read reviews, asked around, and have hunted the internet into the wee hours of the night.

It’s like I always say, seek and the internet will provide.

The Best Designer Bag DUPES:

I want to first off explain the difference between designer bag dupes and counterfeit items. Designer dupes are items that look similar to designer pieces (they may even be made with the same materials, leather etc). Counterfeit items are ones that are claiming to be actual designer items when in fact they are not-and that is illegal. The bags I am sharing with you are dupes, and are not claiming to be actual Gucci or Chloe bags for cheap. They are just amazing lookalike.

Today’s post is a giant roundup of designer bag dupes! I’ve tried to cover everything, bags, shoes, clothes, belts! Please leave me a comment and let me know if I have left anything out. Or if you have a dupe that the world needs to know of.

First up, let’s chat bags!

I have both the designer, and the dupe version of the Cult Gaia Ark bag. The Cult Gaia designer one runs at about $150 & up, a Cult Gaia dupe bag begins at $30. I can’t tell the difference, and if they weren’t different colors, I would forget which is which.

For this Clare V bag dupe, there are some little differences. However, if all you want is a circle straw tote with a crossbody strap, then the dupe will be just fine! Designer Clare V Bag $225, Dupe Clare V Bag $19

This Clare V fold-over leopard clutch is so popular. I feel like every gal needs a leopard clutch in her closet! After all, leopard is a neutral 🙂 I have one and get so much wear out of it, even more so in fall and winter. Designer Clare V ones begin at $275. Clare V dupes $36

There were a crazy amount of Chloe dupes, but I weeded it down to ones that had the best reviews and looked similar to the most popular styles. The Chloe designer bags begin around $1200, Chloe dupe bags start at $40.

I have AND love this designer Givenchy bag, in fact it is my current everyday bag! I have had lots of you ask if I know of a lookalike, I found one! Designer Givenchy begins at $1800, Givenchy dupes at $99

I am currently in the process of hard-core BEGGING Beaufriend for this Designer Prada Galleria Saffiano bag! Designer begins at $2400, this insane look alike is $295.

So many Gucci designer bag dupes! It was very overwhelming to research and go through all the reviews. I decided to include the bags that seem to be the most popular designs, and ones bought the most! Gucci designer bags begin around $1200, and Gucci dupes can be found starting at $30, with this Gucci Bag Dupe being the most popular one.

I am no Louis Vuitton expert by any means, I do not own a designer LV bag (maybe one day!). As I was hunting for Louis Vuitton dupes, these ones popped up over and over again! With the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag Dupe being at the top of the list! Designer Louis Vuitton Bags begin at $1300 Louis Vuitton Bag Dupes start WAY below that

For about two years now, a Nano Celine Bag has been on my wishlist! Who knows, I may have to order one of these Celine Designer Bag Dupes because they are fab lookalikes! Designer Celine Bags start around $2900 (if you’re able to find one), Celine Bag Dupes begin at $99

Chanel Designer Bag Dupes were few and hard to come by. Maybe because Chanel is so expensive and iconic it would cost lots to make a fab look alike so there aren’t any? Who knows. I did find these ones! A Designer Chanel Bag can begin around $5300, Chanel Bag Dupes at $30

The last designer dupe I’m sharing today is the very coveted Birkin Bag. Most humans will prob never own one because a designer Birkin Bag costs anywhere from $12,000 up to $300,000! Knowing that, it is insane how many people I see carrying around Birkin bags! Found some amazing Birkin Bag look alikes for you that have great reviews, across multiple review sites. Birkin Bag Dupes begin at $40

Also found some other designer dupes / look alike that I am just mixing in and including below!

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