The Best Designer Belt Dupes

The Best Designer Belt Dupes featured by top Orange County fashion blog, Dress Me Blonde

Bringing you another post full of DUPES! You guys loved both the Designer Bags Dupes post, and the Designer Shoes Dupes post, so here comes our favorite designer belt dupes!


It seems as if everywhere I turn, a shiny designer belt is flashing in my eye. How on earth do people afford let alone one $400 & up belt, but multiple of them?! The trend definitely is that no outfit is complete without a designer belt.

Just like in my past Designer Dupe posts, I dove deep into the internet and read about a million reviews to bring you babes the very best of the best designer belt dupes! I also own a couple of the real deals, and have ordered some dupes to compare!

Let’s begin with everyone’s most obsessed about belt, and talk about these Gucci Belt Dupes!


There were so many Gucci Belt Dupes, but these six were the most highly rated and best designer lookalikes! This Classic Gucci Designer Belt Dupe comes in at only $34! I own the authentic belt and spent over $450…oops. Since you’ll have saved money, might as well grab a blinged out Gucci Belt Dupe! Like this one for only $25.


These two Hermes Belt Dupes come in a ton of color options! They have a lot of positive reviews as well. This first Hermes Designer Belt Dupe is only $12, isn’t that insane?! The other one is $49, but compared to the real deal being close to one thousand bucks, that’s not too shabby my friends.

There were quite a few more than just one of each of these dupes to choose from. However, only this Louis Vuitton Designer Belt Dupe seemed to make the quality cut! This dupe’s price point is only $19, compared to the real deal of $500. It was pretty much the same situation for this $26 Fendi Designer Belt Dupe!

Which designer belt dupes takes your fancy? Don’t forget to check out my designer bag dupes and designer shoe dupes here and here!



  1. February 18, 2019 / 3:28 am

    OMG. such pretty pieces and they look absolutely genuine. Thanks for sharing this .