The Best Designer Shoe DUPES

The Best Designer Shoe DUPES featured by top Orange County fashion blog, Dress Me BlondeThe Best Designer Shoe DUPES featured by top Orange County fashion blog, Dress Me Blonde

Told ya I’d come at you with more designer dupes!! You all went nuts over this Gucci Shirt Dupe Post, and even more cray cray over this Designer Bag Dupe Post! So I just thought I would give the people what they want. More dupes!

After scraping the interweb for the very best designer shoe dupes, here you go!

I have read through countless reviews, searched lots of sites, and asked around for the greatest look a likes out there. I hope you all love these finds!

Just like before, I am going to break these designer shoe dupes up by designer and link both the dupe, and real deal for you!

Hermes Designer Shoe Dupes

I think it is safe to say that the sandal of the year is the Hermes Oran Sandal. It is so pretty, and overnight legit everyone had them. If you do not want to shell out $600 and up for a pair, fear not. There are a couple of fab dupes! These Kaitlyn Pan ones honestly look so identical to my eyeballs! Right down to the stitching and square toe. They are under $90, and come in two colors.

Gucci Designer Shoe Dupes

All I want in life is all the Gucci shoes. ALL. OF. THEM. That can be a tad bit pricey though. So, I am super happy to have found some awesome Gucci shoe dupes! Especially loving these fur lined mules for only $49.

Valentino Designer Shoe Dupes

Rockstud ENVY! I swear the moment Valentino came out with the rockstud shoe collection, every girl on the planet immediately added it to her wish list! The average pair cost $995 and up. The dupes begin at $20

Stuart Weitzman Designer Shoe Dupes

With Fall upon us, over the knee boots are a MUST! We all know the best ones to have are Stuart Weitzman, but those start at $795. I found some amazing Stuart Weitzman Dupes at only $99, that people swear are just like the real deal! I also have this Marc Fisher pair that I love!

Miu Miu Designer Shoe Dupes

I have always thought these Miu Miu Ballet Flats were so darling and girly! But, I never wanted to shell out the $700. Found some cute Miu Miu dupes for only $99!

Channel Designer Shoe Dupes

These Chanel shoes are so classic and pretty. I have always loved them…from afar because Beau would cry if I bought $800 flats. Luckily I found some awesome Chanel dupes for only $85

Chloe Designer Shoe Dupes

Last year these Chloe Suzanna Booties were crazy popular! I am pretty sure they are going to be big again this season, because I am already seeing them pop up everywhere. If you love them, but not the $1400 price tag, grab these Chloe Bootie Dupes for $87 instead!

If you have ever watched Sex and the City then you know the importance of these blue pumps. However, I don’t have a Mr. Big in my life to buy me $1k heels, so these $49 Manolo Blahnik dupes are just what I’ve been looking for!

Hope you babes liked this post and were able to find some amazing designer shoe dupes!

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