The Best Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything!

The Best Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything featured by top Orange County life and style blog, Dress Me Blonde

The Holidays are a million times better with kids around! Their little faces experiencing Christmas magic is just indescribable! I feed off of it, and always end up crying seeing their excitement over the lights, or opening up the gift they asked Santa for. And I take my roll as Santa very seriously. This Santa does mega toy and kids gift research in order to bring it Christmas morning!

There are a few things we gift the kids each year to add to their collection.

The Best Gifts for Kids who Have Everything:

Megaformers Magnetic Set, these are SO amazing for creative play! They allow you to build 3D and my boys have built towers, cars, puzzles, mazes, etc

LEGO Creative Brick Set, this box has about 500 pieces of Legos in an assortment of colors and sizes and shapes. You can never ever have too many Legos! This is another item that kids can be insanely creative with!

Hot Wheels Track, we always gift them either plain tracks for Hot Wheels or a little set like this one! This one they both can play with too!

I have been asked what I am gifting Nina this year. I have had so much fun being Santa for a sweet baby girl for the first time! Every time I go to the store I end up with something else for her…I probably need to either return a few things or get a couple more for the boys!

Little People Disney Princess Cinderella & Pals Float, how cute is this?! Nina will be 6 months at Christmas and will be able to hold the Cinderella. I bet by spring she’ll be able to play with the float and trying to put the doll in and out.

Little People Big Dreams Boxed Set Women in Science, I showed this on my Instagram Stories, but incase you missed it…it is amazing! Nina has some of these books individually, but this set is awesome. There is also Women in Art.

Oil & Carol Sky the Flamingo Teething Bracelet, she is teething and always munching on her hand. Found this cute teether that just pops on her wrist! It comes in lots of different animals if Flamingos aren’t your cup of tea.

Another thing I like to look for when shopping for kids gifts is education…sneaky education in toys or books. Here are a couple that I grabbed this year!

What Can A Citizen Do Book

Telling Time Game


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