Birthday Count Down

It’s the first of November which means it is officially the count down until my birthday on November 16th! I will be turning…29. That is so weird. And old. Good thing I already get an insane amount of botox. Wait, does this mean I need to get more botox? And more age spot/neck cream? Where did my youth go?! Actually, I know exactly where it went-Netflix. WORTH IT.

To celebrate my upcoming birthday, I am posting my wish list! An item (or categories) of gift ideas for each day leading up to the 16th.

This list is exactly that-a wishlist. So, yeah some of the items might be costly. But, don’t let that stop you from gifting them to me. I mean, if you, kind stranger really want to buy any of this crap for me it would be rude to not let you.

  1. New boots! Going to be honest with you. After last night’s candy binged filled holiday, the boys have been so incredibly cranky today, that I treated myself to new boots. Your welcome self! I got the Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee Boots in Topo Suede. These for sure were a splurge, but I have been eyeing them for years. A more affordable Over the Knee Boot I have and love are these Sam Edelman Varona ones! Linked below are boots I love at all price points.

2. Cozy & Comfy stuff. Must days I am cuddled up in my office doing work on my computer. So even though it may appear that I get showered and dressed-most days I don’t. I’m all about comfort, and you can never ever have too much lounge wear. I love these Make + Model Tee’s, they really are so soft! Plus you can buy two at a discount, score. Every year I kick myself for not buying Ugg Slippers. I feel like I am the only person who does not have a pair. Also, since real bras are a JOKE, one of these in every colors please.

3. A new sweater (or two, or three). Most of the ones that I am eyeing are prices so well! So I can totally get them all….right? I am in love with Ruffle Sweater, isn’t it so cute?! And this Free People Oversized Sweater would be perfect for when I overeat on Thanksgiving. Also, I am so happy that Puff Sleeves are in style, because this is too cute!

4.  A birthday dress! One that I feel extra special in, so it would have to have be be v extra in itself. Of course the ones that I love the most are the most expensive. Like this Rebecca Taylor Puff Sleeve dress…but I mean look at this dress. So many heart eyes. Another pricy one that I dream of is this Self Portrait Pleated Midi Dress….drool. However, it is prob wise not to spend all my monies on one dress…is that what a going to be 29 year old would say? For a more realistic price point, this Leif Structured Shoulder Dress is under $80 and you will prob see it on me soon. Here are some swoon worthy dresses that I love at all price points.

5. New Jeans. Say it with me, “a girl can NEVER have too many pairs of jeans.” My dream closet would have an endless amount of perfect fitting denim in every wash/wear. These Ripped High Waisted Levi’s are marked down to only $53, and are flattering on everyone. I tend to spend more when I buy jeans, however I found some super cute pairs for under 100, and a couple even at only $65! Feel free to gift me  yourself any of these perfect picks.

6. This wish list item is an expensive one…wishing for a brand new gorgeous handbag! I would really love a good classic neutral bag. One that I can invest in and that can be worn for years to come. I am brand new to this whole designer handbag world. So far I have three handbag babies, and they are all on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to cost. I know that sentence makes no sense and I sounds like an idiot, but in comparison to other bags, the three I have are total deals. My Valentino Crossbody that I am currently using as my everyday bag is actually on sale right now at Saks Off Fifth for 60% off. It fits a ton in it, and the wide shoulder strap makes it really comfortable to wear. My Gucci GG Marmot Matelasse Super Mini Bag is the perfect go-to for when I want a light weight bag and just my essentials (yes it fits a iPhone 7+). I eyed this bag for the longest time, and got it in white. The third bag I have is the Givenchy Duetto Colorblock Crossbody in the pink combo. It is stunning in person, and is way more roomy than I expected. It also comes in lots of colors! Anyways, I want a good neutral bag. One that can be my everyday bag, that goes with everything. Here are some that I am eyeing, let me know if you have suggestions for me!

7. I have light sensitive eyes, even on cloudy days I wear sunglasses. Plus I well super weird taking pictures without them on…so it would only make sense for me to add sunglasses to my wishlist! Sunglasses are something I don’t skimp on. I mean, they are intended to protect your EYES, and I like my eyes/sight so I don’t take any chances. Plus, I typically don’t worry too much about fit when I am buying them. After I order them online, I take them into any store (typically Nordstrom) and get them shaped to my face. This means that a sunglass specialist will custom melt them to fit you perfectly! I have been crushing hard on these Fendi Cat Eye Glasses for about a year now…hint hint Beau (let’s see if he even reads this).

8. Skincare products! I wrote a post a little bit ago that a lot of you seemed to love about My Honest Skincare Routine.I am still using all of those products, but always love trying new ones! Here is what I have heard amazing things about, and what I am putting on my birthday wish list! PS if you haven’t gotten the Retinol Face Cream I use twice day, go order it right now!

9. Make-up! I def have my favorites when it comes to make up. I know what works for me. That being said, I always need new make up items of my favorites because I use them everyday so they run out quickly.

10. We have slowly been updated our living room. We recently got this gorgeous dark green velvet couch, this dark pink and navy rug,and this steal of a deal round marble coffee table. Now we really need  a set of two matching chairs to go in the living room as well. I just want that room complete, so #10 on my wish list is chair. So exciting.

11. I have been wanting to read more…but also I tend to be vain. Here is my reading wish list.

12. I wasn’t going to include anything hair related on my wish list. But let’s be honest, we all know I need help. If you watch my Instagram Stories, you saw how I basically emptied an entire can of spray deodorant on my head thinking it was dry shampoo. It did not turn out well. Please, buy me all the dry shampoo.

13. A cute denim jacket! Denim jackets can be worn year round, and with anything! I am loving this classic denim jacket with faux shearling lining. Also, this embroidered one is super cute!

14.  Next up for the countdown wish list is…..TOPS! I need them all. There are seriously so so many amazing tops out right now for killer prices! This long sleeve stripe ruffle top is one that can be worn on the daily, and it’s only $29! Also am loving this Free People Bell Sleeve top.

15. Pumps. I feel like I always want to reach for a pair of classic nude pumps. I do have a pair of pointy toe nude heels, but dang they are SO comfortable! Which is why a new pair is on my list 🙂 If you have a pair that are pretty and are nice to your feet, let me know!

16. For my final birthday wish…I just want to spend time with my cute little family. I want to do something fun with my boys (they LOVE celebrating birthdays), and then go on a date night with my Beau.

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