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Top US life and style blog, Dress Me Blonde, features their Q&A Top US life and style blog, Dress Me Blonde, features their Q&A Top US life and style blog, Dress Me Blonde, features their Q&A Top US life and style blog, Dress Me Blonde, features their Q&A  Top US life and style blog, Dress Me Blonde, features their Q&A Top US life and style blog, Dress Me Blonde, features their Q&A


I am starting something new! Each week on stories I am opening up a Q&A. This is your chance to ask me anything, from blogging to family, sizing on an item to what my favorite puzzling topping is! After all the questions are submitted I will be answering them here, so that they can easily be found.

Here are the first set of questions:

-How many pups do you have?

We have three dogs. Insane, yes. Ella is a poodle chihuahua mix and is 9 years old (my first baby!). Pearl is a morkie chihuahua, and is 4 years old. Chewy is a rescue/who knows what and is 1.

-How much do you love your baby girl?

SO SO SO much! We are all so happy she is in our family

-Do you work out?

I wish this answer was different, but no. I feel like working out comes in cycles in my life. Currently I do not. The most active I am is walking the boys to and from school 3-4 times a day (they each have a different start and end time this year).

However, we try to stay active as a family, click here now to read how we do it.

-Do you meal prep?

The closest I get to meal prepping is when I make a bunch of freezer crock pot meals! ha! But those aren’t particularly healthy. I would love to meal prep. I do not have the time. I have been wanting to try one of those services that do the meal prep for you (no assembly at all for me), but every company I have seen does not deliver to Orange County, such is super weird because people are way into appearances here. So if you know of anyone that does this-please email me and let me know!!

-Where do you grocery shop?

My answers are becoming a theme right now. I am so busy, and not busy in a negative way. I love this phase of life, and love running around with my babies. I heavily depend on Amazon Prime Now that delivers within two hours. You can order from Amazon, Whole Foods, or Bristol Farms from them. I typically just do Amazon. Besides that, Costco will forever be my favorite place for produce and breads, and we do a lot of shopping at Trader Joes too.

-Favorite Lipstick

I want to start by saying, I hate Mac Lipsticks. I will never ever understand when a blogger says that she loves them. Lipstick goes on your mouth, like the gateway to your body! Don’t be cheap and use something that is clumpy and thick. ew. My current favorite lipstick is this one from Charlotte Tilbury. I use the color Pillow Talk. I feel like this color looks good on everyone. This is a creamy lipstick that STAYS on and is hydrating. I buy at Nordstrom because it ships for free. I also have and love the color Bitch Perfect. I also really love Huda Liquid Matte Lipsticks. It stays on forever, and lasts even when I eat/drink. They also don’t dry out your lips. I love the colors: Wifey, Bombshell, and Icon.

-How did the boys react when you told them you wanted to adopt?

I can’t even think of a time in their lives when they didn’t know we were planning on adopting. I think I can compare this to when you have your first child, and they learn about babies and ask if mommy is going to have a baby/if they are going to ever get a baby brother or sister. We would just always say yes! We are going to adopt a baby brother or sister when the time is right! Just like most things, adoption was introduced to them in age approbate answers. When they were younger and asked what the word adoption was, we would say it is when a baby grows in a women’s tummy, but then becomes part of your own family even though the baby was in someone else’s tummy. That is honestly all they have really ever asked. Nothing is a secret, or meant to be unknown, I just don’t think they have thought beyond that yet, and that is ok. When we begin the home study work for the adoption, and they needed to be evaluated, go to the doctor, etc they just did it. I don’t think they knew there was a different way to get a baby sister/brother. When we were finally matched and knew Nina was our babe, we got them big brother shirts to tell them. They were SO excited and could not wait to meet her!!! They spent the next few weeks drawing pictures for the baby and picking out new toys for their little sister.

(Got a lot of adoption Q’s, always happy to answer! A lot of them have been talked about in my Adoption FAQ post)

-One favorite skincare item right now?

I have been OBSESSED with these Cane+Austin Retexture Pads! I can one thousand percent say that I see and feel a difference when I use them. I started using them only at night, then morning and night. After I finished a tub of the 10%, I ordered the 20%. LOVE THEM. I used to use the Peter Thomas Roth Un wrinkle Peel Pads, but these are even better, and don’t dry me out.

-How old are your kids?

Brix is 8, Finn is 6, and Nina is 8 months old.

-How many tattoos do you have if any?

I have no tattoos…but am looking for a local artist that specializes in hand/finger tattoos that can do a very very very small script. Let me know! So far the ones I have seen scare me.

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