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The day is finally here! I have been working with Brickyard Buffalo for the past couple of months to bring you all the best week ever as their Guest Editor!

I know a lot of  you already know what Brickyard Buffalo is. For those who don’t, it is an online pop-up market that showcases the best shops/brands featuring their newest items! The greatest part about Brickyard Buffalo, is that it is a DEAL site!

As their Guest Editor this week, I was able to hand select my most favorite shops/brands to be featured on their site for this week! I’ve been lucky enough to meet most of the owners of these featured shops, and love supporting what an amazing business they run! I feel so lucky that I am able to share with everyone all of my most favorite things this week on Brickyard Buffalo offered at a steal for you!

I am BEYOND excited to have Ju-ju-be Diaper Bags included this week! If you have one of these bags, than I am sure you know what I am talking about when I say that no bag compares! If you don’t have one of these, than I am sure you have heard of them and have been eyeing them! My boys are babies anymore-but I still use Ju-ju-be Bags all the time! All. The. Time.

Offered this week is the Be Classy Bag, which is their best seller! Choose from two timeless prints.

Make sure you grab one (or two) of these while they are on sale this week!  P.S. Shipping is free 

I basically die over cuteness every single time I see anything from T&J Designs, so I of course needed them to be in this Guest Editor week to share their items with the world! These two sister bloggers turned business owners, have the most colorful and bold style! I can’t help but have fun whenever I am wearing anything from their line!

On Brickyard Buffalo this week you will be able to grab their Pompom Maxi Dress and Pompom Clutch   both on sale for a great deal! 

I mean SOO many heart eyes for this ensemble right here! This Pompom Maxi is the perfect dress to throw on all summer long! In this picture I am wearing it OTS, but the other day I wore it OTS (ON the shoulders, and it worked perfectly too! This red color is stunning, and the colorful pompom trim just brings so much fun into this easy to wear dress.

I am 100% sure you are already aware of the fact that straw clutches are a must have! What makes this one even more of a must have is the size! I am able to fit my big wallet, phone, car keys, lipstick and gum all in this adorable Pompom Clutch! Not only is this straw clutch cute, and functional-it is also…you guessed it! Marked down this week on Brickyard Buffalo so don’t miss out.

Speaking of must haves…Let me introduce you to Whim Things! I count myself as pretty lucky to be able to know these boss babe owners in real life! This women owned and operated business is one that is close to my heart, and one that I just know you will LOVE! Whim Things is known for their personal and hand made embellished sunhats. 

This week they are offering three sayings: Out Of Office, Do Not Disturb, and Vacay Mode! You can even customize them by choosing tassel trim in any color!

I always always get asked more times than I can count where my sunhat is from whenever I wear one of my Whim Things sunhats! I am so happy that they are included this week and offering you all a fab deal!

Speaking of beach essentials, I have been fully converted from the traditional boring rectangle beach towels to these uh-mazing Shop Strands Beach Rounds! I have always heard wonderful things about this company and their high quality rounds, so I knew with summer coming up, Shop Strands would be a perfect fit into this week! 

We even took the kids to the beach this past weekend to test these towels out, and let me tell ya-they are SO good people! At one point during our beach day, myself, Brix, and Finn were all laying together on one towel and we all fit! These rounds are such a great size, so soft, quick drying, and hello-crazy super cute! I am planning on keeping one in the back of my car at all times to use for the park, pool, beach, and whatever else comes our way! 

You know when you see something that just makes your heart feel both happy and peaceful at the same time? That is exactly how I feel about the gorgeous drone print from Just Bree. I have been a long time admirer of her work, and have wanted her artwork in my home for the longest time! I finally was able to get one of her Laguna Prints and use it to help redecorate a little reading corner of our home. 

I mean, just look how perfectly it transformed that spot! Currently, you are able to snag one of the Just Bree stunning drone prints (for an amazing deal) of either Laguna, or Ehukai.

Fact: one of the cutest things in the world has got to be everything that Rad Revolution Kids makes! Seriously, this shop brings on the cuteness factor with their clothes, while still keeping them easy to wear and play in for kids! I love that fact that this shop owner is a fellow boy mom, who saw the dire need to create cute clothes for little boys to have too!

I love how the Rad Revolution Shorties are a cross between joggers, and shorts! They come in some seriously adorable prints and colors! I have never wished children’s clothing could be made in my size as badly as I do with these!

My boys have out grown the shorties (so sad), but still are able to fit into Rad Revolution Swimmers! We just got these in a couple of days ago and Brix, and Finn could NOT wait to test them out!

We are huge Rad Revolution Kids fans, and I am so glad that they are part of my Guest Editor week! Make sure and grab a couple of pairs for your littles!

In addition to cute prints, I love dressing my kids in statement tees! There is just something about a little kid, wearing a punny, or more honest statement on their shirt that makes me so happy! SandiLake is my go-to tee for my boys! I love the fact that all of their items are unisex, and are always the best quality!

Gosh these tees are SO them. Finn literally has the life. He really is ‘always on vacay’. It’s been really sweet watching Brix go through first grade and become more aware of this friends and how kindness is so key in life and in our happiness even! So, this ‘kindness is so gangster’ tee is the perfect fit for him! Both of the ‘Kindess is so Gangster’ and ‘Always on Vacay’ tees are on sale this week on Brickyard Buffalo! And before you get all worried and feeling left out, SandiLake is also featuring their women’s ‘Seas the Day’ tank, which I have and LOVE.

Reading is HUGE in our house. Even more so now that B is basically a pro. He is always craving new books, new stories, and new characters to become obsessed with. I recently discovered Babylit Board booksI feel in love with this brand because they offer something I had never seen before. They offer classic tales, retold for kids! YES! Isn’t that amazing?! It is such a great way to get little hooked on the classic and timeless tales like Romeo and Juliet, or Huckleberry Finn. 

Each book is color, and so well done. Babylit also offers other types besides the classic tales. We recently got the ‘All Aboard California’ book, and it explores and tell about the best state. I am so excited that Babylit is has joined in this week and are offering a ton of their books for a discount!

There are also a lot of clothing items that I have selected as my Guest Editor picks! I hope you like cute prints, flattering fits, and easy to wear pieces…just kidding of course you do. One of my picks is this darling Teal TopI love the flirty frills on these bell sleeves, and the cheery bright color! Dress is up with a skirt, and dress it down with your fav pair of boyfriend jeans. 

I have also selected these Pink Joggers that may be the soft pair of comfy pants I own! Grab them while you can this week for half the price. I am a lover of stripes, and anything stripes so it is no surprise that this Striped Tee in both red and navy are featured this week! I love how this tee has a little bit of stretch to it, plus it has a scoop hemline on the bottom for added cuteness. I am sure you noticed that super cute swimsuit in my pictures above! The Floral Lace Up Suit is even better in person, fits like a dream, and is quite the deal at only $24! 

I may not have any girls, but I still cannot resist the overwhelming cuteness of the Valley Gal Designs, and her amazing bow sets! I love her bows so much, I am getting some on clips and using them as bow ties for my boys when we go to church! Right now you are able to get the Tommy Set Bow Ties, which include 4 bows on Brickyard Buffalo on sale. This set is darling, and is so perfect for summer time!

My kids have a countdown to summer vacation going on right now. It terrifies me! in just a couple of short weeks they will be home all day jumping on my head, and each other. If you are as worries as I am, then you really need to check out Jungle JumpaRooThis beast of a toy can be jumped on, climbed on, and you can even swing on it! I love that it is safe, can be used indoors or outdoors, and is a fun way to keep kids active. It is also nice because it doesn’t take up too much room and can be easily stored! 

Style Lately offers super fun statement tops, and when I saw this one that said ‘Mutha Hustla’ on it, I probably laughed for a solid five minutes! It is so true, and I am pretty sure every single mother, no matter the stage of motherhood can relate and needs this tee.

When I cook, (I am sure my husband will laugh and be like “when do you cook?!”) I am usually motivated by two things. Sugar, and pretty cookware! This week, The Blonde Moose is featuring their Mudcloth Inspired Utensil. Each piece is literally a work of art! They are made of solid beech wood, and designs are burned into each and every piece-by hand! This makes the perfect house warming gift, wedding/shower gift, and gift for yourself!

There are some super darling prints by Alexa Z Designs featured this week. When I decorate my home, I love to add in little touches that make it special and meaningful to our family. These prints totally do just that! There are eight to choose from, each print features hand lettering, and hand drawn illustrations. If I had to pick a favorite one, it would be the ‘Chin up’ quote by Jeffery R. Holland. I’ll for sure be adding a few of these around our home. 

Is it just me or are toys an eye sore? No they for sure are. Especially when they are constantly thrown all over the place all day every day. What I want? A clean house Pretty toys. What my kids want? To drive me nuts  Toys. Enter This and That Etc to save the day! I love how their products not only look good on my coffee table, but also are so well made, plus my kids love them! I am a super fan of their Classic Tic Tac Toe set, Brix would play for hours with me if I didn’t tap out. Their Name Puzzles are another winner! I had one of these growing up, and I loved it (still do). Both of these are featured this week for a killer deal!

I hope you all enjoy my picks as Guest Editor for this week on Brickyard Buffalo! I have had so much fun putting it together, and really do love the items and shops that are participating this week!




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