Cute High Waisted Bikinis for Summer

Cute High Waisted Bikinis for Summer featured by top US fashion blog, Dress Me Blonde: image of a woman wearing a L*SPACE high waisted bikini, Le Specs sunglasses, Steve slides, Hat Attack raffia bag and pom raffia hat



Fun fact of the day: I am just casually standing in front of some random person’s house in a bikini in these pictures. I was not on my way to the pool, there was not a pool nearby, and the beach was about 3 hours away from this stranger’s house. That’s not as much of a fun fact, as it is a crazy person’s fact of the day. So, I guess my reasoning for sharing this is that if you ever see a girl doing similar, maybe it’s just for her blog that only her mom reads. Hi mom.

I’m going to be honest it has taken me a couple of year to come to like high waisted bikinis. When they first became popular a couple of years ago I bought one, tried it on and immediately began cry-laughing at my reflection in the mirror because I looked like I had some sort of adult diaper situation going on.

Fast forward a couple of years (and learning not to buy clothing from China), I have found out I actually DO love high waisted bikinis! Like anything you buy for yourself to wear, the fit, and sizing plays a huge role.

High waist bikinis can look flattering on any body type! I totally feel like they instantly make your waistline appear slimmer. Plus I love the comfort of them and being able to swim and do all the things without worrying about my teeny swim bottoms flying off!

I personally only buy high waisted bikinis from swimsuit brands I already know are good quality, hold up well, and do not dig into my sides or legs.

The one I am wearing is this L Space Gemma one it comes in lots of color options! In swimwear I always size up one from my clothing size. I wear an XS in clothing so in swim I buy a S. But, in this brand it runs so so teeny! I, and everyone I know size up two times (I size up to a M).

My hat and bag are both Hat Attack. I am wearing the Beach Hat with Trim, and carrying the PomPom Hand Tote. Found a fab look alike for my Givenchy sunnies these Le Specs are under $70!

Here are a few high waisted bikinis I just love! Happy shopping!

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