Our Disney Family Vacation: DisneyWorld and Disney Cruise Itinerary

Disney Family Vacation: DisneyWorld and Disney Cruise Itinerary featured by top LA lifestyle blog, Dress Me Blonde.

We are back home, and finally back to our routines after our mega Disney Family Vacation that included Walt Disney World & Disney Cruise!

This Disney family vacation was literally a dream, and the most wonderful memories were created! My kids were happy every single day, and none of us ever wanted it to end. I love how much a lot of you enjoyed following along on our Disney family vacation via Instagram stories! (Disney World 1, Disney World 2, and Disney Cruise story high lights are saved to my Instagram profile.)

It was so great to connect with lots of you on what your favorites were, memories you have there, and even hearing seeing us having a blast inspired you to book a Disney family vacation of your own!

While there is SO much to cover about this Disney family vacation, and a lot of different topics I want to share with you guys about my Disney Creators trip, I have decided to share our schedule/itinerary with you now. A lot of you have been asking me via DM what we did each day, and instead of writing it out in a message over and over — here it all is!

I was lucky enough to go for the Disney Creator’s trip! Which I am extremely grateful for! I have grown up honest to God going to Disneyland once a week (still do!), but never done Disney World! It was so incredible!

We used a five day park hopper -which I think was the perfect amount and also gives you time to enjoy the resort you are staying at. We then did a 3-day Disney Cruise.

Also, remember that since we live far and there is a time difference for us, that we needed full travel days. We also wanted a day to adjust to the time change when we first got there.

Disney Family Vacation Itinerary:

Day 1:

Travel Day! Fly into Orlando and get checked into hotel. We stayed at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista this first night.

Day 2:

Switch hotels and Disney Springs

We checked out of the Hilton and into Disney Coronado Springs Resort. We loved this stay! For our family of five we booked the one bedroom. The two boys slept on the full out bed, Nina on a roll away crib, and Beau and I in the bedroom. This room comes with club access (breakfast, snacks, drinks, desserts etc). Disney Springs is Disney World’s version of Downtown Disney. It is way more massive, and very much can spend a full day here. The Disney store is amazing, and there are a ton of great restaurants. I’d recommend booking in advance if possible.

Day 3:


Going to do a FULL post on this park! We both snacked and drank around the world, found the best rides, best picture spots and figured out the best ways to get to and from the park.

Day 4:

Magic Kingdom

Deserves another post of it’s own! Once again, tried the best snacks and places to eat here. We focused on rides and attractions that we don’t have or that are different than what is at Disneyland.

Day 5:

Switch Hotels, Check into Disney Creators, Hollywood Studios, Epcot

Busy Day! We checked out of Coronado Springs, and into the Riviera. When transferring between Disney Resorts you can have your luggage transferred for you and it’ll be waiting for you! Just ask the bell desk. I checked into the Disney Creators Event, and got to say hi to some friends! The Riviera Resort is brand new and it is gorgeous! I love that the Skyliner goes directly from the resort to both Hollywood Studios and Epcot making it only 5-10 mins away. We did Hollywood Studios (mainly Toy Story Land) in the afternoon, and then had a Disney Creators Dinner and firework show at Epcot that evening.

Day 6:

Conference Day, and Pool Day

I had a Disney Creators Conference for most of the day. Beau and the kids enjoyed the pools and water slides at the Riviera.

Day 7:

Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom

We did Animal Kingdom in the morning-switch is gorgeous and so amazing! Lots to fill you in on there. Then Galaxy Edge (Star Wars) at Hollywood Studios in the evening.

Day 8:

Transfer to the Disney Dream

We checked out of the Riviera bright and early that morning, got to see an early showing of Onward (GO SEE IT! So cute), and then headed to board the Disney Dream Cruise Ship.

Day 9:

Disney Dream–Nassau

We were at port in Nassau this day and went to the Blue Lagoon Island.

Day 10:

Disney Dream — Castaway Cay

SOO much to tell you about!

Day 11:

Leave Disney Dream Ship & Travel home

This was the most incredible Disney family vacation, and I am not sure if we will ever top it!