Frayed and ripped denim


It is no secret that denim is HUGE right meow. High waisted, flare, skinny, distressed, embroidered, acid washed, etc…baiscally the more denim you can add in your outfit the better!

While I am a fan of Canadian tuxedos (denim on bottom, and denim on top), I wanted to mix it up a bit. In this look I opted for white distressed jeans on bottom.

I have ranted and raved about these jeans before, but I can never say enough good things about them! They truly are the very best pair of white jeans. Not thin/paper thin and see through, hold their shape SO well, and they are crazy crazy comfy! I also own them in black. The pairs I have are pretty distressed, if you prefer just knee holes, these are the ones for you!

To complete my ‘Canadian tuxedo’ I swapped out a denim button down for a frayed denim jacket. I love the texture and overall look the frayed jacket and distressed jeans give off together. Plus, something about mixing white denim and classic “jean” denim is always appealing to me.

I know that I will get SO much wear out of this frayed denim jacket! I totally see it being thrown over sun dresses come summer, and using it to layer when it cools back down in the fall and winter. The extra personality the frayed hem gives this denim jacket will always add a little extra oomph to any outfit!


Let’s talk wrap tops. Everyone needs a wrap top of some kind in their closets! (And a wrap dress, more on that another time.) A good wrap top can give any person the instant look of an hour glad shape! I love pairing mine with skinny jeans, pencil skirts, or anything that is slim fitting (straight line) on the bottom.

The two I love have a good stretch in the material so that when you wrap/tie it can be snug or as loose as you would like it to be. My favorite long sleeve one is this one, and my favorite short sleeve top is this cute one.

I am wearing Marc Fisher Wedges here. I love this brand because it is high quality, affordable, and they are usually light weight in comparison to other wedges. I have these ones in black. I love how they have a tassel tie behind the ankle. They are super comfortable to wear, and I can walk all day in them! I have been seeing this style around a ton, and they are on my wish list!


Keeping this look in the theme of neutrals, I accessorized with the ever so classic black. My lace choker is super versatile and easy to wear, my fold over clutch is super cute, a STEAL at $25 and comes in five colors!! Last but not least, sunnies! My sunglasses are Celine Round Black/Gold ones, I actually found them on Amazon for a couple hundred off! Some similar ones are, these ones, and these $12 ones.

To shop my look, click the pictures/items below 🙂

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