5 Fun Easter Traditions for your Family

5 Fun Easter Traditions for your Family featured by top US lifestyle blog, Dress Me Blonde: image of a family wearing cute Easter outfits

Hippty hop hop Easter’s on its way! I am always searching the internet and asking friends for new ideas when it comes to fun Easter traditions with kids.


I mean, I’m not a dum-dum, and this isn’t my first Easter – I know the basic standard Easter traditions for your family. But as a parent aren’t we always yearning for something a little more magical, something a tad bit more special, more memorable for our babies?! I know I will be the first to admit that I can get very carried away, and want my kids to have the uncommon and unique holiday traditions growing up!

Today I am sharing a list of not so common fun Easter traditions for your family that are perfect for making memories, and creating a special day with your littles! Thank you to all of you that wrote in to my Instagram Stories and shared their ideas with me, I alway appreciate it!!

Top 5 Fun Easter Traditions:

-Golden Egg

We started this kid friendly Easter traction last year and let me tell ya…it was a HIT! Only thing is this year we are doing two Golden Eggs, so each boy can find one. It is essentially the Holy Grail of the egg hunt. A giant, gold egg that is hidden extra hard to find and inside is the best prize (money, a small toy, etc). This year we’re going to just put $5 cash in each of them, but I would love to hear what you guys fill yours with!

-Grow Lollipops

The night before Easter, you have the kids “plant” or sprinkle jellybeans outside and after the Easter bunny visits, those jellybeans have grown into planted lollipops! We have never done this one, but it sounds so fun!

-Follow the Easter Bunny’s foot prints

In the morning the kids can follow the bunny’s “foot prints” aka flour shaped like bunny feet leading to their hidden Easter baskets.

-Summer Essentials

This is something I grew up with, and what we do with our kids! We fill their Easter Baskets with warm weather fun! A new swimsuit, towel, goggle, and even a pool toy or beach toy.

-Scavenger Hunt

The bunny leaves the first egg filled with clue #1 in your basket, starting your hunt around the house and yard to more eggs leading you eventually to your giant chocolate bunny! Keeps the kids busy for a few, and is so fun!

I hope no matter what you plan to do on Easter that you get to spend it with your loved ones, eat all of the carbs, and sugar, plus sneak in a mid day nap!

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