Grizzly Mouse Designs


I found found my new gifts that I will be getting anyone who has a baby. Literally, even if you are a friend of a friend’s cousin’s girlfriend-and your have a baby, I am gifting these.


That is how much I am in LOVE with these swaddles  and mountain blocks  from Grizzly Mouse Designs .IMG_34002

These ultra adorable mountain block set are super baby safe too! Handmade, with non-toxic paint, and  with an all-natural beeswax sealer with jojoba oil.


The Cotton muslin swaddles, are pre-washed, and hand stamped! And I am obsessed with the designs they have! It is all so freaking CUTE.


Grizzly Mouse Designs  are all hand made in Utah, by a family who loves the outdoors and draws inspiration for their pieces from the beauty of nature around them.

The best part is that you can use the code: HAGGLEKAT for 20% off! I am stocking up, and you should too! They also have the cutest wooden camera, and rainbow block playset!