High Low Love

How was everyone’s long weekend celebrating the fourth? Ours was great! Well, low key great-switch is just what we needed 🙂

Finn got a disgusting ear infection, and double eye infection so anything having to do with water (pool or beach) was out for the weekend. We decided to hit up a neighborhood fair during the day. Being the type of people my husband and I are, we of course never never ever have any cash. We assumed (mistake) that the ticket booth would take cards or have apple pay…nooooppppeee. So the boys got to watch other kids have fun before we left to go get cash.

After we got real life actual monies, we decided to head to a different fair. This time we had cash but it was like $50 just to get in, not even including any of the fun. So we had cash but not enough. Sorry kids, your parents teased ya with TWO fairs that day.

But we did make it up to them by having our very own fair at our house! (Plus Beau and I were grateful to get out of the heat!) We took the boys to Target and bought them a Snow Cone maker, cupcakes, and lots of poppers! Then home we went to our blow up pool and sprinkler! It turned out to be the best thing.

If ya don’t know already, I loooveeee a high low hem! It just makes me feel so extra fancy. Plus I feel like it gives a gorgeous movement when added to a dress. Also, it gives you a chance to show off your cute shoes that you’re wearing.

And can we just hold a moment of silent in awe of this stunning floral print?!! This print grabbed me from the opposite side of the store and I b-lined over to it! If you can believe it, it is even more gorgeous in person. 

This High Low Maxi that I am wearing, also comes in a Navy option  that is equally as gorgeous! I have the best feeling that this dress will be worn over and over countless times in the years to come! It is that good.

My pink heels are last seasons style, but I found some just as darling styles to chose from to create the same look! My earrings are out of stock, but any of the options below, would be SO fab with this dress.

As usual, click the picture/item to shop!

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