How to Gingham

Sharing a quick post in between my double life as a taxi driver who specializes in charting children to and from play dates.

As it is well-known my love for gingham is strong. So strong that I will pair it with anything and everything. I am now becoming convinced that gingham is in fact-a neutral.

I love this frilly, asymmetrical Gingham Top, and I know you will too! I also know that you will love it even more, it is only $11!! So buy ten of them, and gift them to yo’ friends and become the besets friend ever!

I’ve worn this top with jeans, skirts, and shorts. Here I am wearing it with the cutest ever Pink Metallic Skirt. I’ve just now decided that a shiny pink mini is a closet staple.

Floral sneaks are IT people. Mine are from Silver & Gold Boutique. But I have found other super cutes, like These Bad Boys.

For accessories I have some of my fav super tinted Black Eye Sunglasses (only $50!), my well worn Skinny Leopard Belt, and some of my favorite layering necklaces here, and here.

You can easily shop my look by clicking the items/pictures below 🙂

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