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Hey guys! I hope you all are having the best week!

Do you always see my post on Instagram and wonder what that weird link is at the end of each of my posts?! If so-this blog post is for YOU!

If you haven’t heard of Like to Know it, it is a super rad linking tool developed by rewardStyle.

Like to Know it (LTK) is a life saver for us online shopping addicts!! It is a great and simple way for you to get/copy my looks without searching and spending hours online tracking down my outfits.

All you need to is an Instagram account, and an email account! BAM! (and don’t you worry, LTK does not give our your email, and does not send you any emails that you do not want-promise)


Signing up literally takes 2 minutes max! Here are the simple steps:

  1. go to: and watch the short how-to video that pops up under the sign up button.
  2. Register-it is completely 100% free and painlessly easy
  3. Go to my Instagram and like (double tap) one or any of my photos. Within minutes you will get an email with all my outfit details in it!! The email will include the picture I posted on IG (the one you “liked”) as well as pictures of the items. Click on the picture of the items, and it will send you directly to the store link to it for you to check out!
  4. If you are SUPER excited about an outfit and can’t even wait for an email, you can copy and paste the link I include in my post into your browser, and it’ll show you the same results 🙂

If you would like to check out and shop all of my posts, you can at anytime visit:

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