IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions

IMG_4775I have always always had long thick flowy golden hair. I never did understand it when others would tell me that they would get extensions. I would just be like “well don’t cut your hair that short!”

But then karma caught up with me. After two pregnancies, I began to notice a huge change in my hair. It was way more thin, sensitive to heat, and took forever to grow.

My hair ended up becoming so damaged that I had to chop it off! And when I say chop, I mean it. From waist length to touching my shoulders! Yikes! It was a huge change, but it would quickly grow back in a couple of months, right?

Uh no. Six months later and the right side of my hair was 2 inches longer and the left side was being all shy and had zero growth to it. This is when I began my crazy in depth search of the perfect and besets hair extension around!

I wanted ones that truly looked like my hair, felt like my hair, that I could style, could use heat on, could even dye if I wanted too!

I must have read thousands of reviews, and some got pretty close to being the winner, but then I would hear how heavy they were, or how they would get frizzy!

IMG_4815Enter IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions, to save the day (and my hair of course)! Their site is super impressive, with tons of how-to videos, amazing costumer service to help you pick your color, and tons of options to choose from.

What impressed me the most was how much hair I got! So many pieces to truly transform your look to give you a real full, natural look. The pieces are extremely well made. And each piece starts thick at the top, and gradually thins out to make it blend into your natural hair. Oh did I mention that it is 100% natural remy hair?! That is rare and hard to find!

The lightest blonde matches me perfectly. I have used my curling wand, and flat iron on the pieces, and they have stayed silky smooth and in excellent condition.

So far I have only used IrresistibleMe Extensions for just wearing my hair down. But, I plan on using a couple of the smaller pieces to work into braids to make them extra thick and pretty!

Right now IrresistibleMe is having a spring sale! Up to 50% off of hair extensions! Now is the time to try them for yourself 🙂