I love Sunday’s. I get to get all dolled up for church, go and get spiritually fed, and spend all day with family. Today was an added plus because we got to celebrate my Opa’s (grandpa) 86th birthday! How amazing is that?! He’s the cutest little old man. And we loved celebrating with him. 

I got this dress a while back when I was on the hunt for a bridesmaid dress. I love the beautiful lace detailing, the sleeve length, and how light weight the material is. Plus it’s super comfortable. I was in it for hours in the car, plus like 8 hours at the wedding! It was purfect. 

I thought I got a mighty fine deal with this gorgeous dress at full price when I bought it. Now, it’s on sale for half off! I wish there were more colors so I could get multiples of this dress!  

 The vibrant royal blue of these heels is what I fell in love with. They are suede with a pointy toe, and for some reason I feel they are so slimming on my feet. So weird I know. And I don’t think I have overweight feet. Anyways, these babies are on sale too! For 60% off! They come in a ton of colors! I’m for sure getting another pair, I just can’t decide which color!  

   Get the dress right here right meow

Get the shoes right here right meow