Laser Cut Suede Skirts

It’s not new news that suede is all the rage right now. Still, I have yet to add this staple to my closet. I have been wanting one that had laser cut detailing on it, because I think it is super duper cute. And I wanted a suede skirt that wasn’t stiff and had some stretch to it. I have finally found some that meet all of my requirements and that don’t break the bank! Yahoo!

This first one is from Nordstrom Jolt Laser Cut Faux Suede Skirt and is super comfy and has the perfect amount of stretch to it. Plus the price is nice.

This second one is from Target. XHIL Laser Cut Suede Skirt is the one I got. I’m not going to lie, I felt bad betraying my good friend Nordstrom. But, this one was a teeny but longer, and since I do spend my days chasing after two little boys, some extra butt coverage is usually good.

Ok, now that I have fulfilled my suede skirt mission, I am onto the next: a fringe jacket that is stylish but not too Pocahontas.