Milk & Eggs


The most important decision each day is what we put into our bodies. I’m the first to admit that I’ve got a mean addition to sugar, but believe it or not I like to fill our kitchen with fresh and organic foods!

Want to know something else I LOVE? Not going to the grocery store. Or, if you are like me going to like 3 different ones, plus the farmers market to get all of the items you need.

This is why I am so excited to tell you all about Milk & Eggs! Local Farms and food delivery right to your doorstep at about half of what I typically pay at my usual places! Isn’t that incredible?!

Reasons why Milk & Eggs is the best, and should replace you spending hours getting your groceries:

  • Produce is farm fresh, and from local farms!
  • Prices are always the best because there are zero waste, inventory, or distribution centers
  • The delivery/pick up process is environmentally friendly
  • Farm fresh, and organic food is best!

So far I have only ordered once from Milk & Eggs, but the process was crazy easy, simple and quick! I placed my order online (with free delivery!) and that night my order gets filled/processed. I wake up in the morning with delivered food on my porch by 7am!

Our front porch gets super sunny bright and early, so I was worried the produced I ordered would welt, and the meats would go bad. Nope! Orders are delivered in the best reusable cooler bags with cooler packs! No waste in plastic bags, and no food turned bad.

A lot of times people assume Milk & Eggs is just dairy-but it is SO much more! I was able to get everything on my list! So far I have been super impressed with these specific items (I am sure I will be adding to this list as I keep ordering):

Kite Hill Organic Almond Milk Yogurt Vanilla, Carne Asada, Ribeyes, A-may’s noodles, milk, almond milk, Bread Lounge Chocolate Chips & Oats Gluten Free Cookies, all of the produce has been incredible, and so much more!

If you keep up with me on IG Stories, I will be posting there in real time the next time I place a order. Walking you through it, what I am getting, what meals I am prepping for etc.

Do yourself a huge favor! Save money, save time, and try out Milk & Eggs! Use promo code: 2040 for $20 off a oder of $40 or more.

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