Happy Birthday Nina! The Most Amazing Moana First Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies

Moana First Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies featured by top US life and style blog, Dress Me Blonde: image of a little girl celebrating her first birthday with a Moana birthday party
Moana First Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies featured by top US life and style blog, Dress Me Blonde: image of a little girl celebrating her first birthday with a Moana birthday party


My perfect angel baby is ONE. Fastest bestest year of my life! It is crazy how Nina has only been in our family for one year, yet trying to remember before her is fuzzy, and it really does feel like she always has been a part of us. You can read all about Nina, and her adoption here.

We are all so in love with this sweet girl, and our family revolves around her! Especially Beau, I may not fly first class, or have real diamond earrings, but Nina does. She has him wrapped around her cute chubby little finger, and we don’t even care.

I have been waiting my whole 9 years of motherhood to throw a birthday party that was free of dogs, cars, and slime. Thank you Nina for falling in love with Moana, and setting the scene for the most dreamy first birthday party ever!

I will do another post all about Nina, and keep this one to what you’re all here for right now: all the Moana first birthday party ideas and supplies!

First and foremost I have to give a MEGA huge shout out to my now friend Vanessa from Lady Stardust Events. This Moana first birthday party was definitely a process, and a labor of love, and Vanessa is SO talented!

I am not creative, and really all I said was, that I don’t want characters or cheesy stuff. That is it – and she ran with it! This girl came to my house probably 6 days to install, mock up, set up, arrange, and break down everything. (sometimes before the sun was up, and way after the sun went down!) I did not know her, before Nina’s party I just found her after searching for help online because I had no idea what I was doing, and this creative soul took over and created the most heavenly dreamland of a party for Nina’s first birthday. Vanessa is local to Southern California and does flowers, balloons, rentals, and can really run with any party or wedding vision you throw her way!

I have always either baked my kids cakes, ordered from Costco, or the grocery store. But this is our princess baby and so it needed to be extra. The cake was the one thing I actually knew exactly how I wanted it to look. My friend Michelle (who always has the most extra parties for her babies) referred me to Wonderland Bakery in Newport Beach for both the cake, and smash cake.

I am still blown away at how amazing both of them turned out! I wanted as minimal fondant as possible, because who likes the taste of fondant?! They were able to create the “heart of te fiti” just out of buttercream! And how cute is her smash cake with the waves??! Oh and yes, all three flavors (smash cake, plus two layers of cake) were DELISH.

I am so so so glad that I somehow found Dani from Mia Bella Bake Shop to take over all of the amazing customized desserts. She was so incredibly patient with me as I added in more desserts last minute to my order (you know I love my sugar!).

Once again I wasn’t too on point with exactly what I wanted, just that I needed sweets, and wanted them to tie into the Moana first birthday theme without being too cartoonish. Dani then gave me so many ideas! We tweaked them to certain colors and flavors and boom! The most scrumptious goodies ever were hand delivered to my door the morning of Nina’s first birthday party. Counting down the days until my birthday so I can get more treats!

I was super set on Nina showing off her cute self while chowing down on her smash cake and knew I did not want her hidden away in a high chair. I got the idea of having her sit on a Moana boat while she ate her smash cake. However did you know that it is basically impossible to find a life size Moana boat? I know, you would think the internet would have it all. I was about ready to go to the docks down in Newport and commission a boat maker to build me one, when my husband was like….um let’s not spend thousands of dollars on this and I’ll just go to Lowe’s and make one. Not too shabby, right?

Venue: Our Backyard

Flowers: Lady Star Dust Events

Balloons: Lady Star Dust Events

Moana Boat: DIY

Photography: KSTU Photography

Cakes: Wonderland Bakery Newport

Desserts: Mia Bella Bake Shop

Back Drop Wall: Lady Stardust Events

Table (actually vintage doors!): Lady Stardust Events

I am linking out below all of the Moana first birthday party ideas and supplies: like plates, chargers, etc. As well as her dress, flower crown, and what we all wore! I hope you all love her party as much as I do! Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them.



  1. Peggy Mckinley
    July 8, 2019 / 8:46 pm

    Awesome party, I was blown away when I realized the flowervall down the wall and the runner of flowers on the table were real. They looked like they were just flown in from Hawaii. All the goodies were so beautiful I didn’t want to eat them, I wanted to save them to decorate my kitchen. Nina of course was the highlight in her adorable Moana outfit. The party of all party’s. Congratulations to all who shared their talent to make this an exceptional party. One to be remembered.🥰😘