Nordstrom Anniversary SALE

Its the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrr! I am singing that song as I go through every single item that is included on the Nordstrom Sale. And man. There are SO many amazing pieces.

This sale is great because Nordstrom isn’t just cleaning out their stock-it is all NEW items that are discounted during the sale, and then will go up to their normal full price after the sale is over.

What it means is that you can score some amazing summer goods, PLUS stock up for such a good deal on lots of stuff for you and your family for the upcoming seasons! (I know some people even do some Christmas shopping!)

I went through all of the Women’s items and have picked out the best of the best! TREAT ‘YO SELF!

I will be breaking it up by categories, and remember to get a Nordstrom Card if you don’t already have one. You can shop this sale early, and gain points to use to shop too!






Skirts & Pants:




Jackets & Sweaters:


Active Wear:








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