Nordstrom Sale 50 Finds UNDER $50

With this being the last week of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, things are slowing down a tad. This is good news for us, because that means when items get restocked, chances are most people are done shopping and we get to grab it!

Already a ton of basics, and items that have sold out, are restocked! Like the ever so popular $15 Lush Tee , the Mixed Media Tulle Top,in both colors! And the crazy popular BLANKNYC Moto Jacket!

If for whatever reason those items are sold out when you read this, just refresh at night or in the morning to check for restocks, they will happen! Promise.

I’ve talked about my favorite finds for under $100, but under $50 is even better than $100! Below you will find the top items (based on popularity, or discounted rate) all under $50 during this sale! Make sure to not let anything sit in your cart, and grab it now before the sale ends, or it becomes unavailable. I have included these Sunglasses in the round up, I wear them all the time, and always get asked from you guys about where to buy! Now is your chance.

To shop, just go ahead and click directly on the item/picture 🙂

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