Not to brag, but the topic of my hair comes up so so often. I’m frequently asked what products I use, who colors my hair, how I style it, and how I care for it. Whenever I get asked these questions, I always look behind me, because I am convinced they have to be talking to someone else. To be honest I have no idea what I am doing.

Being a “blonde” is a ton of work. After hours in a salon chair to get the perfect cool/warm shade it’s just a matter of weeks before those pesky roots begin to show again. Plus, I feel like I can never use dry shampoo because none of them matches my hair color, and I look crazy walking around with a bunch of different colors on my head.


Ok. Here is the GOOD PART. I have finally (YAY) discovered something hair related that I love, that I use basically everyday, and that now when people ask me about hair products-something I can honestly recommend!


Rootflage is a genius hair product, not only for us blondes, but for every hair! It is a temporary root touch up powder, that camouflages your root regrowth between salon visits! PLUS it doubles as an amazing dry shampoo!! It is literally so easy and simple to use, takes about 5 seconds for me to hide my “true roots” as well as hide that fact that I need to wash my hair.


Rootflage is perfect for light to dark hair, as well as covering up gray hairs! There are a bunch of easy to match colors to choose from. To give you a reference, I use the shade “light blonde”. It washes out easily, and doesn’t damage hair.

IMG_2236Bonus points, the owner, creator, and CEO is a fellow momma and GirlBoss.

Rootflage is so rad that they are offering 25% off your order with code: hagglekat (good until feb 29)


My hair style was done by my friend over at Swell Beauty and if you are in local in Orange County and want an incredible hairstylist, shoot me an email and I’ll connect you 🙂