Seas of Possibilities Campaign

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I am so excited to tell you guys all about a little project I have been working on with Chicken of the Sea! And no, the project wasn’t me seeing how much tuna I could eat 🙂

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Chicken of the Sea is doing a brand new campaign this year called, “Sea the Possibilities.” It is a mission to encourage others to go and enjoy life, and to step out of their comfort zone! Whether it be cooking something new, in the lifestyle area, or going on a new and epic adventure!

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I love the idea behind this, it is basically screaming, “You are awesome, and deserve to have fun in life, and live a little!”

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Each month is a new theme, and for March it is: LIVE LARGE!

As a mother, I always feel as if we are in a never ending rut. Talk about never ending errands, chores, homework, and boring routines! I jumped that this opportunity to join the campaign to Live Large, because isn’t that just what life is about?!

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I decided the best way to get the littles involved would be to make a goal to wake up each and every day to feed our creative souls! The kids love this. I feel as if it is so healthy for them to be able to express themselves, to paint their little hearts out, to not worry about the mess, but to live in the moment with them, and SEA their creativity come to life!

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Doing this I noticed that some of our stress melted away, we bonded sharing laughs and lots of giggles, and I was able to spend time with them with out the loud distractions of everyday life.

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I am so happy that we have taken this challenge head on! If you are interested in joining the Sea of Possibilities Campaign, please visit: Sea the Possibilities Challenge and enter for a chance to win up to $5,000!


Photos provided by Alia Steele Photograph