St Tropez Self Tanner for all your Tanning Dreams

St Tropez self tanner review featured by top US beauty blog, Dress Me Blonde


All of a sudden summer is coming pretty dang close to an end, and I still have not yet shared with you guys my go-to self tanner plus how I apply it! Sorry! I know so many of you have sent me DMs requesting this and I have been so slow… but the good news about self tanner is that it is worn year round! So really, I guess it didn’t matter when I wrote this right?

Let’s start with the basics and the disclaimer. Yes, you should not tan yourself in the sun and yes you should be wearing sunscreen everyday even if you are not going to the beach. It has become a habit of mine and I just apply mine while doing my skincare routine. I like this face one that I put on every morning, as well as my actual make up has sunscreen in it as well! I use this non-fancy body lotion that also has sunscreen included in it.

Now on to my favorite self tanner! After much much trial and error with SO many others…my favorite to-go self tanner is the St Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse.

Here is why I love this St Tropez self tanner: does not run. dries quick, easy to apply, NOT orange, lasts forever, the bronzer in it makes it easy to see which areas it has been applied to, and you are in control over how tan it is! (More time = more tan.) A full big bottle of this St Tropez Self Tanner lasts me 10-12 months! And that is with me using it at least once a week. Also love that it is sold everywhere, so it is convenient to buy!


Here is how I apply my St Tropez Self Tanner for a natural streak free look!

-Shower in the morning, exfoliating your whole body, this includes shaving and using a good scrub!

-Then that same night get ready to apply your St Tropez self tanner: there are a few reasons why I like doing it in this timing. One, giving it 10-12 hours after you shave the self tanner sticks onto you better while you are still freshly hairless/exfoliated! Two, at night you are home, and can just wear loose clothing after you apply your tan.

– Use a tanning mitt to pump the mousse onto! I have a couple, but this one is cheap and works well! The reason for a mitt is so that, your hands don’t get stained wayyyy tan, and so that it glides on smooth and evenly.

-I usually do 3 pumps for each leg and arm, and then 2 pumps for each my chest/back and about the same for my stomach. I make sure that I rub it all over, and evenly going under my arms, the inside of my legs and around my ankles and a tiny down my feet (barely).

-After I am covered in the St Tropez self tanner while it dries for a couple of minutes I wash my hands off in the sink. (make sure no water drips down your arm or you will have water lines!) I also take some body lotion and apply it to my: knees, elbows, ankles, feet, and hands. I feel like that trick helps blur the self tanner lines.

-Once dry I just put on pajamas or loose clothing. You can wait however much time you want before rinsing it all off in the shower (1-3 hours or more). I usually sleep in it and wake up and rinse off in the morning!

-Just make sure you keep lots of lotion on and try not to shave your legs too aggressively and your tan should last you a week!

Hope this tips on applying my favorite St Tropez self tanner were useful to you. Let me know if you have any questions!