Stocking Stuffers for the Family

Stocking Stuffers for the Family by popular Orange County blogger Dress Me Blonde


I have crawled the whole web to bring you the very best selection of Stocking Stuffers for the Family! The best part is, non of it is candy, and non of it is junk that will break within 2 seconds and be a total waste of moola.

Stocking Stuffers For the Family – Kids:

My husband grew up with the tradition of getting an orange in the toe of the stocking each year. He has been passing this tradition along with our kids, and they are never thrilled to have fruit in their stockings ???? I mean, let’s be honest, would you be overly excited for a warm orange at the bottom of a sock? Nope! This year I will be making both my husband and kids happy with the compromise of an Orange Deluxe Surprise Ball! Surprise Balls are all the craze this year! This one contains 12 assorted toys and candies, plus is so fun to race to unwrap!

I am also getting my boys these World’s Smallest Laser Guns, and putting one in each of their stockings. As well as each a Star Wars watch, and Kid Friendly Ear Buds.

Below are a bunch of great stocking stuffers for kids/babies that will last beyond just Christmas day, and they will be sure to love! Just click the picture for more info or to shop

Stocking Stuffers For the Family – Men:

I’m just going to fill my husband’s stocking with warm oranges. Just kidding, I like to shop too much to prank him like that. While searching for stocking stuffers I found some really cool “guy stuff”. Like this Gentlemen’s 12 in 1 Kitchen Tool, it looks and functions like a pocket knife, but has tools like a cheese grater in it. I always include a new tie clip, and found a set of three for only $30! Also found some practical stuffers like this Collars & Cuffs Stain Bar, On the Spot work shirt stain remover, a sleek Universal Power Adapter with case, and these Adidas Tech Friendly Gloves.

Lots more great options below, just click the picture to shop.

Stocking Stuffers For the Family – Women:

This is always the easiest one for me, because it’s basically shopping for myself. Plus there are so many good ideas for Stocking Stuffers for women. Like a new lip kit from Stila that is long lasting, a new pair of sunglasses to hid those post holiday bags, an iPhone Keychain Charger, Mini Manicure Set, or even a new Beauty Blender.

Lots of fab ideas below of your to show either yourself, or “Santa”

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