Sultra Beauty


Hi my kitties! I am so excited because today, I am sharing my first ever hair tutorial featuring Sultra Beauty. I actually get lots of people commenting on my hair, and asking me how I get the loose beachy waves that I love to wear!


The best news of all is that this hair style using the Bombshell Curling Wand only takes me about 5 minutes! YES it is that easy! What I love most about this wand, is that it heats up super quickly, and HOLDS curls. I have been using a wand for over five years and I have never used hair spray. I’ll even sleep on on waves/curls and the next day I’ll love my messy/I don’t even care/but I still look fabulous locks.

The first thing I do is spray my hair with a dry shampoo (because chances are my hair is dirty). Batiste Dry Shampoo my favorite one  it is light, it blends well to my hair, it doesn’t clump, and its cheap! I then give my roots a quick touch up with Rootflage. After wards, I brush it out to make sure my hair is nice and smooth.


Then the magic begins! For this look, it is super easy because you don’t do your hair in layers, and each section of hair you grab to curl does not have to be equal with the rest.


I just separate my hair on each side (just two parts people).


I pick a side to begin with and work from the back of my head toward the front. I take about an inch of hair (sometimes a little bigger, sometimes a little smaller) and I begin wand magic.


For the types of waves/loose curls I am doing, I only wrap the hair beginning at my ear, and leaving about an inch of hair sticking out of the ends. With my length of hair, I only wrap around the wand about 1 1/2 times.


Switch between wrapping your hair around the wand away from your face, and towards your face every other time. Hold for about 5 seconds.


When you get to the front pieces of your hair (the sections by your face), wrap the hair around the wand AWAY from your face and towards the back of your head. I find that this is the most flattering.


Move over to the other side of your hair and repeat.

-grab a piece

-wrap away from your face starting at ear level, and leaving some hair out at the bottom

-hold for 5 seconds

-grab another piece

-wrap your hair around the wand the opposite way

-hold for 5 seconds

-repeat until you’ve reached the pieces by your face and wrap away from your face.


After when my hair is all curled I like to gently run my fingers through my hair separating the curls, and making them more wave-like. If you feel like your curls look more tight than you would like, don’t sweat it-they will fall and all will be right in the world.


Voilà! Enjoy your effortless chic beachy hair made easy by Sultra Beauty!