T-Shirt Dress & Tassel Necklace

I love a good steal. That didn’t even need to be stated. On this rare occasion I was shopping for my son and committed to not buying anything for myself (HA). So I went into a store where I knew I wouldn’t even be tempted, Old Navy. My plan majorly failed. Did you know that they actually have cute stuff there?! And that it’s like really affordable??  

 I found This Dress there for an amazing price. It is a tee shirt dress that has a little bit of fit to it. Plus it’s thicker (but not hot thick) so it’s not see through. It comes in so many fun colors and patterns! Right now it’s on sale online for $22 and you can enter the promo code: WEDNESDAY for 35% off making it just under $15. (Code ends 6/10/15, but keep checking their site they always have promo codes). I got mine in store it was marked down to $10! And I just searched google on my phone real quick for instore old navy coupons (they always have them) and got 20% off! Wahoo! 

Seriously though, even at $22 This Dress Is A Steal and great for summer time!  

Let’s chat about this amazing tasseled necklace  

  It’s just so pretty. It comes in blush and grey. I have a feeling this necklace is going to be on major repeat. And I’m ok with that. Did I mention this is only $14?! 

My sandals I talked about a few weeks ago. I feel like they are so fun and just dress my feet up like a princess. And everyone wants to have princess feet.  These sandals come in multicolor, which I’m wearing, and gold. They are only $22! Buy me