The Princess and the Penny


Aren’t we cute?! I think so. This is a picture from my wedding day with my sister-in-law, Jessica. I just love her. She is the sweetest and most sincere person ever! Plus, I love that she is my blonde bestie, and we married brothers, so we are practically twins.

Jessica just isn’t a looker of a babe, she is also a mother of the cutest baby girl, AND just launched her new blog: The Princess and the Penny. I have always envied her because she is so organized and financially aware of all of her household spending! Me, I’m just like “um, where did all the monies go??”

The Princess and the Penny  is all about how to live the princess life, without the princess price. In just the little while she has been blogging, I have loved cruising her site for great tips! Like, budget worksheets, and even what to include in my budget.

My end goal is that with Jessica’s tips I will be able to budget less for lame stuff like insurance, and groceries, and more for stuff like shoes. (That’s how it works right?!)

Check her out and don’t forget to give her a follow on Instagram @theprincessandthepenny