Ties that work

Hey babes! Most of the time when I post its goodies for yourself. But today it’s time to treat the man in your life. And is there anything sexier than your man in a good looking tie? (Uh no.)  
Waltman Co. Ties  are incredible. Visually, they are perfect for the fashion lovers like us. These ties come in tons of prints, textures, and patterns. Each one of them are handmade, isn’t that so cool?! 

I’ve saved the bestest for last. Waltman Co. Ties not only look good and are made with great quality, they are actually functional as well. Each tie is handmade with special microfiber lining on the back of them. This is so genius. This delicate lining is used for cleaning the smudges off of your glasses, wiping finger prints off of your phone, cleaning your watch, and so much more! 

I’m ready to throw all of my husbands ties out and get him a whole closet full of Waltman Co. Ties. It’s just such a man way of fashion. Looking good, and having your accessory serve a purpose! 

The good people from Waltman Co. Ties are offering 20% off any order with code: HAGGLE until 9/7/15  
Don’t miss out on this great deal! 

Pictures by the amaze Alia Steele