The 5 Tips you Need to Know for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The 5 Tips you Need to Know for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale featured by popular Orange County fashion blogger, Dress Me Blonde

Want to know just why July is my most favorite time of the year? Answer: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

It is a One of a Kind Sale were you are able to shop brand new arrivals at super discounted prices!! In basic words, it is Christmas in July.

These aren’t just regular t-shirts and crap that goes on sale, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale includes big ticket brand new, arrivals. From drool worthy Stuart Weitzman Boots, to nuna MIXX Strollers, to La Mer, T3 Hair Dryers, Rag & Bone, and SPANX Leggings, and Dior Sunnies-you cannot miss out on this once a year opportunity to score big on these saves. Everyone seems to know this, since this sale outperforms even Black Friday!

Since this sale is so highly anticipated, I am sharing some important tips on shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.


  1. Know your dates

July 11 – Level 4 Day: If you spend an embarrassing amount of money at Nordstrom than you get access to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale a day early. I will be there taking you along and showing you the hottest items!

July 12-19 – Early Access Sale Starts: If you are a Nordstrom Card Holder, or a member of their rewards program, you get first dibs on everything, and trust me, stuff sells out FAST, and it is not always restocked.

July 20-Aug 5 – Public Sale: Anyone and everyone can shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! You do not need to be a card holder to grab a new faux leather jacket for under $80 or riding boots for a crazy steal.

Aug 6 – Prices go back up and the count down to next years sale begins.

2. Get Early Access To The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It is no secret that this sale is the most shopped ever, so grabbing what you have on your list asap before it sells out is top priority. To get Early Access and shop the Nordstrom Sale you need to be a Nordstrom Card holder (debit or credit card, I have both because I am psycho). It is so easy to apply and you receive a $40 note (MONEY) to shop once you are approved, from then you earn a $20 note for every 2,000 points. This card is your magic key when the clock strikes midnight on July 12th and you will be able to shop online or in stores. Learn more about applying and card options here.

3. Use Me and My Blog as a Sale Guide

This sale is MASSIVE, and overwhelming. Each year I plan, prep, have access to PDF’s of what will be in the sale, and pull an all nighter the night the sale launches. And each year I have so many of you message me thanking me for making it easier to shop, calling out the big ticket items, and breaking it down on what to buy and what to pass. Each year I sift through thousands of sale items and round the very best of them based on quality and discount. I also create round ups like last years Best of Baby Sale, 50 finds under $50, and Dressing Room Try On. (Don’t worry I’ll create them for every category like shoes, kids, men’s, home, beauty etc.) So make sure you are signed up for my Email Newsletter to be alerted when I publish a sale alert! You can sign up here

4. Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Online

For real, this tip is GOLDEN. It is crowded, there are long Disneyland worthy lines for the fitting rooms and check outs, and stores do not get everything that is included in the sale. Stores are limited to what stock they physically get for the sale. They may even get 4 of the same item, and you better believe that the level 4 shoppers and stylists are going to grab those so fast! Point is that chances are the stuff you want, aka the good stuff isn’t even going to be on site. Also, does it even need to be said that shopping at home in your sweats without a bra wins over going out in public?

5. Don’t You DARE Let it Sell Out

Do I even need to explain this one? When you add to cart you must check out asap. Those coveted designer shoes and that Free People Dress is in hundreds if not thousands of other people’s shopping cart and it is a race to check out. I have missed out on my size or top color choice so many times because I have left items in my shopping cart while I thought about it. The good thing about Nordstrom is that they have the very best return policy and free shipping (no matter the total). I buy everything on my list during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and then make returns either by mail or in store once I have the items in my hands.

The 5 Tips you Need to Know for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale featured by popular Orange County fashion blogger, Dress Me Blonde

Some of my favorite items from Last Year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (these are no longer on sale but will gave you some idea of what’s to come!)

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