Top 12 Beauty Gift Ideas for the Beauty Lover in your Life

Top 12 Beauty Gift Ideas for the Beauty Lover featured by top Orange County beauty blog, Dress Me Blonde

It was real hard for me to not get super carried away with these beauty gift ideas!

I swear those holiday sets just get to me, and I want to buy them all. I stayed strong and didn’t link random crap. I only am sharing beauty items that I love, use all the time, have added to my cart, or is on my wishlist!

I honest to God use this Dermalogica set twice a day! I didn’t even know it came altogether, so convenient. It gets my makeup off, my face clean, and gets rid of my dull skin.

After using samples of this stuff for the longest time, I just bought this La Mer The Mini Miracle Set. I like how it comes with two items so you are able to try them both together without investing all of your money.

As I am typing this out, I have on this mask from GlamGlow, and I love it.

Since switching to this T3 Hair dryer my dry time is cut in half! And it is quieter.


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