Vacation mode



Totally feeling the pull of a much needed vacation creeping up on me! Anyone else? Probably everyone, duh. We are getting the taste of summer vacations with a super quick trip up to Utah this weekend! I know, it’s not the most topical place, and it is not close to any sandy white beaches. At all.

My brother is graduating from college this weekend! And get this, my little brother already has a job as an actual rocket scientist. Sooo one child who posts pictures of clothes on Instagram, and one that sends people to the moon. (It’s obvious who the go-getter of the family is.)


My husband is from Utah, so we will also be cramming in a lot of family visits too during our super short 2 day trip! Aside from dragging the boys from visit to visit, I also want to make sure they feel like they ‘went on a trip’ so I am trying to figure out a couple of fun things for us to do with them. Thinking a farm, since we don’t really have anything like that here. It will either be super cool to them if they take after Beau, or terrifying if they take after me. Time will tell.


As for my look, you can’t get anything more fun and cute for being in a state of vacation mode (whether that’s state of mind, or actually vacationing). My Vacation Top is super soft, and would be perfect for traveling in. I have raved about these Pink Raw Hem Jeans before in this other post of mine. I finished off this look with a crazy fab Banana Leaf Print Tote, my favorite Boater HatWedge Sandals for under $50, and these new colorful Pom Pom Earrings!

Get my look/shop my outfit by clicking on the pictures below 🙂

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