Wish List

It’s November! That means that the Holidays are officially approaching. But before the Holiday insanity gets into full swing, it’s MY BIRTHDAY!! YAY! That means I can celebrate and shop/eat all month long…right?! I decided to publicly post some things on my birthday wish list, just incase you would like to gift one to me. (Or decide you need it for yoself)

I just really need these Over the Knee Steve Madden Boots in grey please. 

Why don’t I have a Floppy Felt Hat yet? I’ll take grey or black. Surprise me.

I am THE only person in the world who doesn’t have these BLANKNYC Jeans in their closet ($88) Help me.

I am in love with this TopShop Scallop Tee

These Frame Flare Jeans have been on my wish list for months now.

Don’t worry, this isn’t all I’m asking for. This is my work in progress list…I’ll be adding more soon xoxo